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Awards and honors

"Key Technology, System and Clinical Application of Brain Pacemaker" won the first prize of “Beijing Science and Technology Awards” in 2015.

"An Implantable Neural Electrical Pulse Stimulation system" won the “17th Chinese Patent Excellence Award” in 2015.

"Study of Brain Pacemaker" won the “Ten major scientific and technological progress of China's colleges and Universities” of the Ministry of Education in 2012.

Won the Best Show Award of "the 14th Theme Exhibition of CHTF about Promoting Industrial Innovation Ability and Facilitating the Change of Development Ways" in 2012.

"Study on Brain Pacemaker" won the sixth report of achievements of "This Decade of Science and Technology" of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2012.

The "National Engineering Laboratory of Neural Control Technology” won the “2012 Advanced Group” of Tsinghua University in 2012.

Won the second prize (rank the fourth) of science and technology of AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision) in 2012.

The “Study on Brain Pacemaker” won the sixth achievement of "This Decade of Science and Technology" in 2012.

The brain pacemaker project was selected by the "'Eleventh Five-Year' National Science and Technology Exhibition" in 2011.

Won the first prize of patent of excellent achievement of scientific research of institutions of higher learning of the Ministry of Education in 2010.

Won one of the six major scientific and technological achievements of "Promoting the Construction of the Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Zhongguancun- Industrialization of Major Scientific and Technological Achievement", Localization Project of Brain Pacemaker, in 2009.


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