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In April 2012, the founding of National Engineering Laboratory for Neuromodulation were ratified by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Hosted by Tsinghua University, the National Engineering Laboratory for Neuromodulation is co-built by Beijing Pins Medical Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tiantan Hospital. Dedicated to meet the needs of treatment for Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, depression and other diseases as well as the technical bottleneck of R & D and manufacturing of the relevant neuromodulation implantable devices, the Laboratory has carried out technology research and critical process test of energy transmission optimization, closed-loop control, and electrode reliability, etc and developed a series of neuromodulation implantable devices with independent intellectual property rights, which promotes the engineering application of the relevant technologies and the technological progress and industrial upgrading of implantable medical equipment industry in China, and improves the independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of the industry.

Neuromodulation technology is a method of disease treatment through direct intervention in the human nervous system and has become the most effective clinical method of treating Parkinson's disease, refractory epilepsy, depression and other diseases, and is an important area in brain science. Brain pacemaker is one of the most typical neuromodulation devices. Beijing Pins Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, which participates in the establishment of National Engineering Laboratory for Neuromodulation, has obtained the product registration certificate of a series of brain pacemakers. As of October 2015, the brain pacemakers made by PINS had been sold to more than 70 well-known third-class one-grade hospitals and neurology & neurosurgery hospitals all over the country, and more than 2,600 cases of implant surgery had been completed, which reduced patients’ burden by more than 200 million Yuan.

Tsinghua University is a top research institution in China. Beijing Tiantan Hospital is an authoritative third-class one-grade hospital in neurosurgery field. Beijing Pins Medical Co., Ltd is the first domestic brain pacemaker manufacturer committed to neuromodulation. The three of them collaborate with each other under the strong support of National Development and Reform Commission and effectively applied the “industry-university-research-medicine” mode to the high-tech medical device R & D and industrialization, so as to give full play to the advantage of multi-disciplines, core technology research, manned space high reliability guarantee technology application. It is a domestic leading team of independent research and development, industrialization and clinical application of implantable neuromodulation devices. The work of National Engineering Laboratory for Neuromodulation Technology is concerned by all parties, with growing social impact. In January 2015, “neurosurgery development history in China” published by “Chinese Journal of Surgery” regards the brain pacemaker achievement as a milestone progress. “Tsinghua brain pacemaker reducing the burden of patients with Parkinson's disease” was selected as the sixth result of “decade of science and technology” by Science and Technology Daily / China Science and Technology Network. “Brain pacemaker research” was selected as “top ten scientific and technological progress in Chinese universities in 2012.” CCTV news issued a special report on “domestic brain pacemaker breaking the proprietary technology monopoly of the United States”. People's Daily reported the case of industry-university-research-application and joint research and development of brain pacemaker with the title of “co-raising a child”.

After continuous efforts, National Engineering Laboratory for Neuromodulation Technology has developed the brain pacemaker with innovative features including high-field MRI compatibility, recording LFP in deep brain nucleus and variable frequency stimulation, which builds a remote programmable network in line with national conditions of China in an innovative way and gradually develops with leaps and bounds. The autonomic innovative brain pacemaker technology platform in China provides the world's leading research tool for the majority of doctors and researchers who can carry out more studies on new indications and brain science, in order to provide unlimited imagination and exploration for further understanding of the operation mechanism of the brain, achieving the regulation of brain functions such as senses, will, language and behavior, etc and even for “embedded knowledge”, “brain reading and writing,” “knowledge copy” and “immortal spirit”.

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series products of Brain pacemaker

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In the picture, Beijing Party Secretary Guo Jinlong (first from the left), President Chen Jining (second from the left) of Tsinghua University, director Yan Aoshuang (third from the left) of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and professor Li Luming (fourth from the left) of Tsinghua University are discussing the brain pacemaker industry. The picture shows a screenshot of the Beijing News.

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Photo of First Annual Meeting of National Engineering Laboratory for Neuromodulation


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